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Laguna Organics

Laguna Organics CBD Hemp Extract Drops 500MG. VEGAN

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Laguna Organics Hemp Extract Drops in 500mg. are extremely potent and made with top quality CBD

Ways to take CBD Hemp Extract Drops

1. Sublingual: (CBD can be absorbed by applying underneath the tongue. This method can last 1-5 hours and is the fastest way to absorption.)

2. Oral: (When ingested, CBD has to go through your body and is the slowest way of absorption, but longest lasting that can last 1-6 hours depending on the person.)

3. In Food and Drink: (Add a few drops to juice, smoothies or to food.)
WARNING:Except grapefruit 

 Laguna Organics is dedicated to producing only the best products for making a positive difference in people’s lives. We offer our Hemp Extract Drops in 500 MG and 1,000 MG .

Made in U.S.A 


Gluten free 

No artificial coloring or flavoring 

Never Tested on Animals