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CBD Hemp Extract Drops 1,000 MG

CBD Hemp Extract Drops 1,000 MG

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Laguna Organics Hemp Extract Drops are extremely potent and made with top quality ingredients to help bring relief. Hemp extract drops have many benefits including focus, mental clarity, less anxiety and better sleep.

CBD Hemp Extract Drops can be taken in the following ways, including:

1. Sublingual (place under the tongue and let it get absorbed)

2. Oral application (squirt into the back of the tongue and swallow)

3. In food or liquids ~ (add a few drops into healthy food choices) WARNING: except grapefruit. 

 Laguna Organics is dedicated to producing only the best products for making a positive difference in people’s lives. We offer our CBD Hemp Extract Drops in 500 MG and 1,000 MG .

Made in U.S.A 


Gluten free 

No artificial coloring or flavoring 

Never tested on animals