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Aromatherapy and CBD

"Cannabidiol, derived from the Cannabis sativa family of plants, is scientifically proven in preliminary research to have many compelling benefits to human health. It’s an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain reliever, and more."

We all love CBD. It's the most healing plant extract on this planet. CBD helps so many people and heals so many things that we consider it a straight up miracle. 

So why would we combine it with Aromatherapy?

While CBD is incredible on it's own, you can enhance it's synergies with Aromatherapy.

"People around the world continue to rely on aromatherapy as an alternative therapy – and the science seems to at the very least support aromatherapy for boosting mood. This trait might be why it’s helpful when used for health and wellness. If you have a headache, minor aches, and pains, or other mild health issues, aromatherapy just might make you feel better." 

The Olfactory system is the most under-rated delivery system in the body. It relates directly to our hypothalamus (which regulates the body's homeostasis) and our limbic system (which deals with basic emotions). 

Essential oils, when paired with CBD, help guide the CBD, through the endocannabinoid system, to the areas of the body where you need it the most. 

In a Holistic approach to healing, we go to nature to find a power-house plant, like Hemp a.k.a CBD, and enhance it's healing properties by combining it with another plant, for example Lavender, to become an adaptogen.

"Adaptogen is the term for a compound that balances the body out, for homeostasis. So you can move things in both directions for balancing and maintaining balance. CBD is one of the most profound Adaptogens on the planet. So its gives a really balanced and energizing focus and simultaneously calm, relaxed mind and body."

This means, when CBD and essential oils combine, they do whatever the body requires of them at the time so they help the body heal itself. 
It helps restore your body system to a state of balance, in which healing can best take place-- an alternative treatment as well as a effective preventive measure!

CBD + Aromatherapy = the Holistic Option


Things like aspirin or opioids cause stress to your body--especially the liver. When the body is done using unnatural compounds like the ones found in opioids, it cannot break them down and must be processed out by the liver causing unnecessary strain. Cannabinoids and terpenes (found in essential oils) are holistic. When the body is done using them, they break down into amino acids which the body can use in other ways making them very gentle on the body. 


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